1st Division Preview & Predictions

MichaeL Schieber continues to plague us with terrible predictions that hardly anyone will bother to read This time its D1.

1st Division Preview & Predictions

1st Division Overview:

The middle division of the BDSL ladder returns with 18 teams looking to move just one step closer to the top of the league hierarchy. This season in D1 for me feels off. Its just very vanilla. I can’t really talk myself into getting hyped into anything here. Truly its suffering from middle child syndrome. There are good teams worth keeping an eye on but not really any match ups I’m looking forward to or rivalies here. Just a pile of semi decent teams claing at one another for a D1 title. Hey maybe the games will prove me wrong.


D1 Burning Questions:

 Is this the year for Crimson SPAL post merger for promotion?

Nope. This news was odd to me from the start. Both managers here from either previous club, Matt Greco and the Atlman-Cosgrove bros. have earned their stripes running their own clubs. Both saw pretty good success as well. So merging two strong club should make for 1 fantastic team right? Right?? Well I’m not sure why but I don’t think promotion is in the cards. I think this will need some more time to blend or something but I just have an off feeling about it so I’m staying with. They should be good and a playoff team but I just can’t seem them making the final. But hey Crimson I’ve always undervalued and SPAL i’ve maybe over valued so middling on them when they merger seems reasonable to me.


Can any of these long standing D1 teams make the leap (or the fall)?

This is a reference to Hamburg FC, RVS United, Mes Que FC (formerly Alden), and Tonawanda United. I mean the fact I felt the need to tell you who these teams were sorta says it all about them. They are sorta the forgotten BDSL teams seemingly stuck in the D1 maze. So to me Tonawanda United has best chance at promotion but I don’t love the odds., Mes Que FC is my relegation favorite, and Hamburg and RVS with enjoy several more years in D1. The amount of teams in D1 makes promotion a huge deal even though it seems like 3 or 4 teams a year move out of here. i just don’t know if any of these teams will be in positions to take advantage of it


Will anything ever be FC Quake’s fault?

It’s a common question I get especially for those who read the forum recaps. While I have a good amount of respect for the club it does seem for whatever reason they rub teams the wrong way on and off the field. An even I won’t deny they  can make their misfortunates sound like tall tales of incredulous bad luck. To me it’s maybe the division’s best story line. Seeing other teams looking forward to trying to beat them is fun. Wheather they know it or not they are sorta the villain in the division. Problem is they are pretty good bad guy. So good luck to teams in trying to get one over because it won’t be easy.  


Will attendance torpedo Grand Island FC again?

I hope not because I’m hitching my wagons to them again. I do think that maybe they learned some lessons roster wise last year and will correct that in 2018. The team is still good and has high end talent that honestly lacks a bit of depth but those shortcomings are easy to be covered up by their stars. Overall I again want to say promotion is theirs for the taking but it’s really up to their commitment as our league so often proves to be.


Is there a favorite?

Not really no. Last year I picked Grand Island to dominate and they bumbled their way out of the playoffs. I’d still tell you on paper I believe them to be the best team but Los Chupacabras is closing in. Overall I think Mingle has the better teams but Pepper is more balanced 1 to 9. So who ever is king in in Mingle would impress me most.


How hard am I struggling to write about D1?

Pretty hard honestly. Look each year a division has to be the least interesting to me. Last year was Championship. This year its D1. Next year it will be someone else. So we’ll end it here because its 2:30 in the morning and I can’t can’t think of anything else interesting to say about this collection of teams. Sorry boys but thems the breaks.


D1 Tiers:

Relegation Zone: Mes Que FC, Ukraine, Tri Town United, Buffalo Celtic, Hamburg FC,

Pretenders:  Great Lakes Africa, Blizzard FC, OP Alliance, Dutch FC, , Rampart FC, RVS United, Honey Badgers

Contenders: Crimson SPAL FC, FC Quake, Los Chupacabras, Crusaders FC, Tonawanda United

Favorites: Grand Island FC


1st Division Tables:

* = Playoffs

Mingle                                                 Pepper

1) Grand Island FC*                          1) Tonawanda United*

2) Los Chupacabras*                        2) Crimson SPAL FC*

3) FC Quake*                                    3) Crusaders FC*

4) Rampart FC*                                 4) Blizzard FC*

5) Dutch FC                                       5) OP Alliance

6) RVS United                                    6) Great Lakes Africa

7) Hamburg FC                                  7) Honey Badgers

8) Tri Town United - R                        8) Buffalo Celtic

9) Mes Que FC - R                             9) Ukraine - R


1M) Grand Island FC over 8M) Rampart FC

2P) Tonawanda United over 7P) Blizzard FC

3M) Los Chupacabras over 6P) Crusaders FC

5M) FC Quake over 4P) Crimson SPAL FC


1M) Grand Island FC  over 5M) FC Quake

3M) Los Chupacabras over 2P) Tonawanda United


1M) Grand Island FC over 3M) Los Chupacabras