3rd Division Preview and Predictions

Mike Schieber opens up this years divisional predictions with a vastly different D3. Don't take these seriously.

3rd Division Preview and Predictions

DISCLAIMER: While I am league president, I want to be as open and honest in these as I can. So with all that said lets you the readers and myself the writer make a quick deal that nothing I say in this or any preview is personal. Just my thoughts about the teams, the divisions, mixed with some bad jokes and poor grammar/spelling. Deal? Either way too bad.


3rd Division Overview:


For D3 this year we have a smaller and more balanced division then in years past. Since 2017 it’s been a pretty sizable gap between the top and the bottom but overall this year I think that gap shrinks some. With that said though I think there is a clear cut favorite here for the top spot in D3 while the rest will be fighting for playoff berths. What’s most encouraging is that the talent pool here is still pretty good for it being the last rung in the BDSL ladder. With the top 4 teams off to try their luck in D2 you could argue its a wide open division too which makes it exciting for all teams involved here.


3rd Division Burning Questions:


So who is that favorite to win D3 in 2019 that you alluded to?

Not in all my years did I expect to type this but its Meerkats FC. I immediately regret this though. I don’t even like typing this. I’d rather not even continue on with this paragraph honestly because while on paper they are top talent wise, Meerkats have a good history with me letting me down. It’s taken every fiber of my being to not call them Jimmy’s JV Co-Ed Kickball team at this point. But really they have some high end talent led by Todino and should find themselves sitting in first by years end.


Well who could challenge Meerkats should they falter?

I think the best bet would be newcomers Westside Blitz. This team picked up some of the pieces from defunct Bantu and have the ability to out score most teams here in D3. As always with these teams will they implode on themselves. Aside from Blitz the continued improvements of Big Green and North Buffalo FC could see them pose a challenge. I know people will point out that I’m forgetting Moby Ducks here but well we’ll get to them.


Which terrible team from last year is best suited to make a a jump up?

RBU! They have made several changes to both sides of the ball and it has them looking like even a legit playoff team.

…..smh…..Ya I wrote this last year if you recall. Curse you RBU. So posed with the same question I won’t make the same mistake. This year I’d pick Iron Lungz FC. This side is intriguing to me. Losing Booker stinks but Gibb is a excellent replacement. Adding a savy vet like Sean Maclean gives them more leadership too so I’ll give them the nod as a playoff dark horse.


Why did you gloss over the Moby Ducks thing and try to distract us with something else?

Damn you caught me. So everything on paper sets up nicely for the Ducks. They return most of their team and most of the challenging teams from last few years have moved on so it looks like D3 should be theirs for the taking. But really they haven’t added anyone of note and the other teams are improving. So for some reason that I just can’t put my finger on I’m not high on them. Really they should be promoted this year but I’m not sure it plays out that way for them.


Will Bangarang FC continue to just miss the playoffs?

Few teams have proven themselves to be as much of a dissapointment year in year out as Bangarang. This year they have retooled again for another run at a  playoff berth in D3 but surely an injury, a blown game, a team wide hangover will cause them to miss again. At this point it’s less of a question of if it happens but more of when and how. This year there should be no excuses so I look forward to making fun of our league Secretary when he lets in a goal from beyond midfield because he was drinking from a water bottle and that dooms them.


Favorite, Contenders, & Pretenders:


Favorite: Meerkats FC

Contenders: Moby Ducks FC; Westside Blitz

Pretenders: Big Green SC; North Buffalo FC; Iron Lungz FC; FC Bangarang; Celtic Classic; Rust Belt United; Cheektowaga 


Third Division Table:


1) Meerkats FC

2) Moby Ducks FC

3) Westside Blitz

4) Big Green SC

5) North Buffalo FC

6) Iron Lungz FC

7) FC Bangarang

8) Celtic Classic

9) Rust Belt United

10) Cheektowaga


3) West Side Blitz over 6) Iron Lungz FC

4) Big Green SC over 5) North Buffalo FC


1) Meerkats FC  over 4) Big Green SC


3) Westside Blitz over 2) Moby Ducks FC


1) Meerkats FC over 3) Westside Blitz