3rd Division Preview & Predictions

League President Michael Schieber does his best to embarrass himself with his nonsense

3rd Division Preview & Predictions


DISCLAIMER: While I am league president, I want to be as open and honest in these as I can. So with all that said lets you the readers and myself the writer make a quick deal that nothing I say in this or any preview is personal. Just my thoughts about the teams, the divisions, mixed with some bad jokes and poor grammar/spelling. Deal? Either way too bad.


3rd Division Overview:


D3 last year saw the greatest number of new teams which made predictions tough. It turned out to be very top and bottom heavy which was unfortunate. I think this year with the teams leaving and entering it should be more balanced overall. There is one team sitting in pole position though with several good contenders behind them. What I like most is that teams at the bottom made real solid efforts to improve the sides. It shows to me that the passion we sometimes want to believe only exists in our top tiers of BDSL soccer exists at this level as well. All in all I think all the teams here are in for a more entertaining season of BDSL soccer.


3rd Division Burning Questions:


Will 2018 see the table so divided as 2017?

Most certainly not. Last year as I stated before was pretty rough for the teams at the bottom and pretty easy for teams at the top. I think the 2018 version of D3 soccer is looking more balanced overall. In My opinion the level of play will be slightly improved but that’s because so many of the teams at the bottom of the table made changes and has little to do with those I expect to be near the top. After a rocky 2017 I like the look of D3 this year much much more.


How many illegal players with Lasalle FC use?

Zero. After being hit with the BDSL version of the “death penalty” in 2016 Lasalle FC is back and looking to settle some unfinished business. I like the roster make up. A good group here, much of which was around in 2016. They aren’t returning either of their top scorers from that year though so it will be up to a new crop of forwards to grab goals. Defensively they are similar enough that I see no reason for them to not be a threat for the top teams. Overall it’s nice to see them return. That might be weird to say considering their past but that’s the truth. Welcome back Lasalle FC.


Which terrible team from last year is best suited to make a a jump up?

RBU! I’m really happy to say that it was tough to pick the winner here because I think several teams position themselves well but there is no denying that Rust Belt United seems to have found some new life here. They have made several changes to both sides of the ball and it has them looking like even a legit playoff team. After some time as a cellar dwellar, it’s refreshing to see them get off the mat here and aim higher. Here’s to they’re playoff push.


Is NY Elite poised to put up better numbers then 2018 Devils?

Quiet possible. Last year the Devils so clearly dominated D3 that their playoff exit was to me a stunner.  And while you could glance at the NY Elite roster and notice its ran by an Erie County FC player, that shouldn’t worry you. This team is loaded and has been testing itself all winter with encouraging results in indoor. They are young with speed aplenty. Pedro Alba terrorized D2 defenses last year and now will lead the line here. They should dominate possession and be able to run some of these teams off the field just like the D3 top teams did last year. So while Devils had some record setting numbers last year they might be short lived if NY Elite plays as I believe they can.


So Medina….

I know I know. This team enters as our league as our easternmost location. It will certainly be a test for them to come with numbers week in and out. But I think they are constructed well, have good leadership which is important, and most of all  care enough to make it work. They should own a good home field advantage and they’ll travel well to make their road attendance non factor. They have several members of the non defuct Aurora Arsenal II (RIP) and I think they pick up where they left off trending upwards.


Who is the best D3 twitter account to follow?

Let me stop you right there. Any answer that isnt Cheektowaga is wrong.  They tweet exactly enough. In a year at most where they were down right awful last year they embraced it and were regularly my favorite reads. So while Moby Ducks FC is good for pure nonsense and head stratching, NY Elite is young and hip, and  FC Bangrang is good for a meme here and there, the king is Cheektowaga who is a cut above. Never change @CWESoccer account runner.


Does Celtic Classic know their is an O-35 division?

Guys come on now we were playing nice. Stop asking these types of questions. We’re not going there. They know and it’s not for them and that’s that. Let’s just wrap this up before things get anymore awkward.



Third Division Table:


1) NY Elite

2) Moby Ducks FC

3) Medina Mustangs FC

4) Lasalle FC

5) Tesla FC

6) FC Bangarang

7) Rust Belt United

8) Cheektowaga

9) Iron Lungz FC

10) Big Green SC

11) North Buffalo FC

12) Celtic Classic


3) Medina Mustangs FC over 6) FC Bangarang

4) Lasalle FC over 5) Tesla FC


1) NY Elite  over 4) Lasalle FC

3) Medina Mustangs FC over 2) Moby Ducks FC


1) NY Elite over 3) Medina Mustangs FC