BDSL 2020 Season Prep

Everything you need to know for the coming season

BDSL 2020 Season Prep



The 2020 season of BDSL soccer approaches! The biggest BDSL meetings of the year are right around the corner and here is all the prep, dates, and info you need about being ready to join the coming season of one of Region 1's best adult soccer experiences.



February Meeting on the 3rd 7pm at Dnipro

This is the largest meeting of the BDSL year. All team application forms are due at the meeting. Because of this attendance for all teams is needed. We'll collect intial payments from teams along with the team application forms. We'll also go over the large amount of rule changes to the game in 2020. There will be a new team manager meeting for all new managers post general meeting to provide very important information on how to rule a BDSL team. Food and drink will be provided to all at this meeting. 


2020 Team Application

NEW TEAMS ONLY: In addition to your application we ask you provided us a provisional roster, proper logo, and any materials that could support your entrance and divisional placement to the league in 2020 (indoor results, team structure, player accolades, twitter account ect...). We are looking for teams that will continue to maintain the status and engagement that our current teams set the bar with. Any open spots will go to the clubs we believe will do that best first and foremost.

Team Deposit: $125



Mid February

Typically a week or so after the meeting the BDSL board will then reveal its plan for 2020 teams divisions and format. When released it will include all accepted new teams to the league. This plan may change as week approach the season depending on clubs meeting requirements for the season.


March Meeting on the 2nd 7pm Dnipro

We'll continue to finalize plans for 2020 season. We'll go over any potential rule changes within the BDSL suggested at the February meeting. Hopefully by this time the field of teams is set and we'll being to work on schedules for the league. This meeting is good for any issues that you might have coming for the 2020 season to speak about. Teams must also declare for their prefered cup to particapate in by this meeting to prepare for the draw at the April meeting


April Meeting on 6th at 7pm Dnipro

All team payments are due by this meeting in full. So all money due is needed by this date. Again attendance at this meeting is mandatory unless you've already completed your payments. Cup Draw for both Wood and Tehel Cups will take place at this meeting as well. You'll be able to create your full bracket at this meeting. This is the last meeting before the start of the BDSL season to clear up any issues. By this time we should have a schedule about ready to go if not released already.


All remaining payments for the 2020 season. This would be the remaining Cup and team fee, player registration costs, and field costs if applicable


Team Applications and Fees for 2020 Season

2020 Team Application

Summer 2020 Team Fees (paid to league)

$150 Team Fee

$135 Cup (Tehel or Wood) Fee

$25 per player insurance fee *Must pay for full 22-man roster up front, will receive refund for unused spots at the end of the year*

Summer 2020 Referee Fees (paid onfield to referees, please bring exact change)

$81 per team per game. Paid for all regular season games and the quarterfinal round of playoffs. Referee fees in the Cups are paid by the league.

Money Breakdown: Referee - $82, AR - $40 each