Manager Interview Series: FC Aftershock

BDSL Manager Interview: FC Aftershock


In our first 2017 manager interview we talked with FCA's Cullen Dedrick about what takes to be a manager in the league, his team goals and life as a D3 club. Our thanks to him for taking the time to talk.

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BDSL Manager Interview: FC Aftershock


Our first manager Interview of the season is with Cullen Dedrick entering his second season as manager of 3rd division side FC Aftershock. We talked about his side, his view on D3 soccer and important lessons learned in running a BDSL team.


BDSL: So with this being your second season in charge of Aftershock, what have you learned most from your first season as bench boss?


FCA: So much man.  The dudes over at FC Quake helped get the ship up and running, but once the season started they obviously had to focus on them and it left me all alone to kind of figure things out.  I kind of voluntold Dillon Patterson that he was going to co-manage with me because he had the most experience out of any of us on the team with what was going on, so that was a huge help with the learning process.  The most important thing I learned though was unfortunately learned the hard way, and that's not to put anyone on your roster until they've paid.  Everyone told me not to do it, but I did it anyways.  That being said- this year nobody is going on officially until they've paid haha.


BDSL: Hear that new Aftershock players? No dead beats. But I agree. Very sound advice to give. What else might you suggest to first time managers?


FCA: While winning is important, it's not everything.  The BDSL provides us with such a great environment to play soccer, but it's not the world cup (at least not in D3, I don't think).  I actually got two yellows last year because I was being an asshole during the game, but you live and learn I guess. Long story short- winning is sick, but don't forget to have fun with the boys.


BDSL: I think that can easily be lost in a season too. So based off that would you say that just getting out, playing hard and enjoying it is more the side and D3 focus? Or do u have goals of moving up the ladder? Is it one or the other?


FCA: I feel like D3 is more of a "beer league" in the sense that we have fun, and it's a little less competitive than the upper divisions.  That being said, we haven't gone into a single game (other than maybe our last game when we drove almost two hours to play Youngstown and were already out of the playoffs) where we went onto the pitch without the intention of winning. If you would've asked me this question yesterday, I would've said that we were probably going to stay in D3 forever, but with the returning squad and our additions I feel very confident in our squad to finish toward the top of the table this year.


BDSL:  Let's talk about the squad changes then. What is your approach when recruiting? Is it more or of team fit or best players you can get?


FCA:  Last year when I formed the team I pretty much hit up all my friends that I played with in high school or at our alumni game every year, so the foundation of our team is primarily pioneer alumni.  Out of our 5 additions this year, 3 of them (Ben Spaulding, Chris Gallineau, and Sean Daigler) are either family member's of guys on the squad or close friends.   Knowing Sean and Adam over at quake gave me an "early shopper" benefit on Tony Bonadonna, and then we we're able to lock in his brother as well Adam Hellerer.  With all that being said- I definitely try to look for a good fit with the squad and talent equally when finding new players.


BDSL: If u could to choose to win the Wood Cup or the D3 title what would u choose and why?


FCA: Wood Cup hands down.  That way we could be extremely successful and still stay in D3 haha


BDSL: If you had to choose another team to join who would it be? Either for fun or for glory? Any level is in play


Description:  Dutch without a doubt. Those dudes are great guys on the pitch and even better to go grab beers with after the game.


BDSL: What would to change add or like to see different in the league? Whether a cup change, rule change or some thing league wide.


FCA: Med kits (Don't worry Devils I got you) haha. In all seriousness though, if there was a way to somehow bring back the fall season that would be so sick.  In my opinion, nothing beats playing soccer on a beautiful fall day.  Also, I think that the concept of centralizing the league to per-determined/designated (whatever word you want to use) fields is very interesting.  I think it was brought up last year by our fearless leader Mike, and I had about three hours last year on the way to and home from our Youngstown game to think about how awesome it would be.


BDSL: Not you too...Hey if league could get centralized I'll be the first one to want push for med kits. Anything else you'd like to add here about the league, your team, division or for the good of soccer?


FCA: Nothing at all man, thanks for giving us the opportunity to do an interview this year!