Regular Season Champions & Promoted:



Can Clinch Playoffs:

 Los Chupacabras

1) a Win

2) a Draw AND a NMB FC Draw/Loss

3) a NMB FC Loss


 Roos FC

1) a Win AND a NMB FC Loss


Can Be Eliminated from Playoffs:

 Niagara FC 

1) a Draw/Loss

2) any 2 of these 3 results: a Lykan Win/Draw; a NMB FC Win; a Polonia Legacy Win


Clarence Coyotes

1) a Loss AND an NMB FC Win/Draw OR a Lykan United Win/Draw

2) a Draw AND a Lykan Win/Draw AND a NMB FC Win


Safe from Relegation:

 Borussia Bees

 Buffalo Italia FC

 West Side FC



 Lykan United



 Polonia Legacy

 Cavalucci Marini

 NY Elite