BDSL Records Archive

Welcome to the BDSL Record Archive. Here you'll be able to find records in the BDSL in a variety of formats. Whether it be looking to see who has the most wins in the league history or seeeing who gave up the most goals in a single game, this is your go to source of all sorts of BDSL statistics. All of the stats displayed are from 2007 until present day. They will be updated after each season has been completed. 

To begin click on a link on the right from the following catergories.

1) All Time Records:

These records are sorted by the league leaders in each catergory since 2008. A great way to see where your team stacks up against the any other team that has been in or still is in the league. These stats show all 88 teams that have played in the league and your rank within that.

2) Single Season Records:

Here you can see just what years go down in BDSL history as the greatest or worst of all time.


Special thanks to those invovled in building this archive.