All Time Records

Welcome to the BDSL All Time Records archive! Listed here is a complete breakdown of all team stats added together since 2008 and player stats since 2015. It includes BDSL Teams past and present no matter how many seasons they have have played. All records are in descending order and exclude Cup play and Playoffs. The following catergoies are available to all.

  1. Wins
  2. Loses 
  3. Ties
  4. Points
  5. Goals For
  6. Goals Against
  7. Goal Differential
  8. Points Per Game:
  9. Goals For Per Game:
  10. Goals Against Per Game:
  11. Goal Differential Per Game
  12. Regular Season Titles
  13. Playoff Appearances
  14. Final Apperances
  15. Championships
  16. Doubles
  17. Trebles
  18. Individual Goals
  19. Individual Assists
  20. Individual Clean Sheets

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