New BDSL IR and Transfer Policy

IR Spot:

In an effort to provide a way for teams with players unable to play anymore for various reasons each team will be given 2 "IR" spots. A player placed on IR by any team effectively ends that players season. He can no longer play in the BDSL for the remainder of that season. The IR spot can only be used by a team if their roster is maxed out at 22. A team with 21 or less players my not use their "IR" spot until they reach 22 players. The last date to use the IR spot would be the Wednesday directly before the first Sunday in July.

To place a player on IR, both the team manager and the player being placed on IR must confirm the move to a BDSL Board Member. The player's card must also be handed in to the Board for confirmation. Once this is done the player will then be removed from the teams active roster freeing up 1 roster spot for the team. The team may then register a new player for that spot via normal league rules.

New BDSL Transfer Policy Rules:

1) A $50 transfer fee is now instituted on any transfer of a player between two teams for both teams involved in the transfer.
2) A player that is transferred during a BDSL Season may not be placed on "IR" for any reason.
3) Both teams involved in the transfer and the player being transfered must all contact a BDSL Board Member to confirm the transfer.

New BDSL Transfer Window

The BDSL transfer window opens typically in mid-June and closes the Wednesday before the first Sunday in July.  The window size varies on the year based on how dates fall, but typically lasts at least two weeks.