Week 5: 5 Thoughts

Nearly half way through the season here and the playoff picture is starting to take shape.

Week 5: 5 Thoughts

As we near the midway point of the BDSL season we now have a better view of teams and what the goals and expectations are for all involved. This weekend saw some teams really makes some statements so lets give some quick hitters here as a precurser to the much awaited second BDSL podcast.


1) Perfectly Balanced As All Things Should Be

Thanos may as well be referencing the BDSL standings page when he dropped this one liner. In your presidents humble opinion the league has never been in a heathlier spot across all divisions of play when it comes to competitive balance. Sure each division might have some have's and have nots but the margins are slim. Just look at D2 or D3 for examples. The past few seasons especially in D3, playoff teams were almost all decided at this point but in both fields the races are wide open. The races will certainly be exciting to watch here down the stretch. Side note here, and I'm sure shocking to some, I am far from a big comic book/superhero fan. Much more into medival fantasy type deals. Sometimes I wonder why I type these things. I could just not say that at all but I feel compelled. 


2) If You Wanna Crown Them Then Crown Their Ass

While I can praise the overall parity that has spread across BDSL I think its also fair to say that some of the preseason favorites are still looking to be the class of their respective divisions. Starting at the top you wouldn't have found a single BDSL team that would have picked anyone but BSC Raiders to finish first and they are to no one's surprise proving that right. A perfect 4 and 0 here and really showing little signs of relenting. W win Sunday and you can ink them as the 1 seed almost assuredly. In Championship Beast SC may have drew a game but they still have the look of a team that every one will be looking up at come year end. And in 1st division SoHo FC scored a big win in the battle of crossover kings with a 1-0 victory over Cavallucci Marini. All three of these teams were tabbed by multiple people to most likely head up their divisions and so far so good for all three.

3) Trouble In Paradise

There is however one team that might appear to be teetering after all the plaudits they've been receiving. Great White Buffalo is 0-1-1 in their last 2 league games here scoring no goals in that span. They did play two of the other top D2 sides in my estimation in those games but still I was surpised to see them so inept offensively. It appears if you can shut down Mendez and his finisher Mikulski there is a pathway to secure points of them. Even if that means a bunker down mentality is needed teams have now seen the D2 side slip so that GWB name on the schedule is quite as feared as it was at end of May.


4) Coming Attractions

For the most part so far I've focused these on comments on things from the week that was but you'll have to excuse me here as I look at this weeks slate and it has just a plethora of huge games. I mean what is not to look here? A D1 Pepper confernece show down as Marini heads to Olean to attempt to become the first team to defeat the Roughnecks at home. How about in Championship where two surging teams in Celtic Hoops and West Side FC look to continue their momentum vs OP Alliance and Niagara. In D3 literally every game holds huge meaning with my favorite being Moby Ducks FC vs Big Green SC. D@ has the anticipated GWB v USAB FC match up but i love the Delco v Revs game now under the lights at 8pm. And last but certainly not least in Premier we have the title game rematch between perenial powerhouses Amherst and Raiders. A Happy Fathers Day to us all indeed.

5) Warm Up The Fax Machine

In roster news the transfer window opens after this weekends games to so we'll see if teams have made some plans to improve themselves for a title run, sell parts, or avoid relegation. all ahead of the July 3rd roster lock. Summer season is half way home here and this season shaping up to be one of the most comepetive in recent memory. Every move will be critical.