Week 7: 5 Thoughts

Playoff races coming into focus as others now worry about relegation.

Week 7: 5 Thoughts

Believe it or not most teams have but 4 games left on their BDSL season slate. The playoff races are heating up in each division. Lets give some thoughts based on last weeks action.


1) Inside Looking Out

While only Premier side Amherst Sharpshooters can officially clinch a post season berth this weekend several clubs can pretty much count on being in playoff spots. Lackawanna FCY and BSC Raiders are virtual locks with BSC Inter needing a collaspe to miss at this point leaving just two spots up for grabs. In Championship, Beast City SC Polonia and Roos FC are all more worried about a bye spot then making it at this point. SoHo FC, Olean 1854 FC, Cavallucci Marini, and Crimson SPAL FC all seemingly are playoff bound. D2 I really only feel good about NY Elite and USAB FC being 100% locks and D3 I think Westside Blitz is the only club i think can plan on playoffs as of today. Over 35 is Bluestars Azzurri and everyone else so far. It will be interesting to see how the focus shifts as the season plays out for these clubs with many of these club legit shot at league doubles or trebles.


2) Outside Looking In

On the oppiste side of the coin playoff races are incerditably tight here in some divisions. Who will grab the last 2 playoff spots in Premier? Teams 5-12 in Championship are seperated by a mere 5 points. In D2 Simpkin the third place team is just 3 points ahead of the last plast team which is insane. D3 isn't much different. So many tight games, so many tight races for post season play and promotion should make each week extremely important and super exciting. 


3) Where's A-Aron at?

It seemed like a common them last week that attendance numbers for many teams dipped acros the league. It always seesm around this time of the year that vacations, injuries, or good weather knock rosters down. At this point many teams have the depth of their roster truly tested. Some might rue not adding up to 22 players, or prehaps not taking a chance on a guy becasue everyone said they wanted enough playing time. I'm always a firm believer of making your team the best you can and worrying about the rest later. Some teams seemingly learn this lesson the hard way while others seem to never learn it at all. 


4) A Weath of Options

Whats been really great for me so far this year has been all the extra options onhow to interact, read or learn about BDSL this year. I, myself have tried to up the weekly content for you guys here with this little tidbids and of course the podcast has been well recieved, but aside from myself the coverage and fun has expanded this year. Today BN Soccer wrote a great article covering the Premier division season so far (I'll be suing Ben for stealing the thoughts concept later). The twitter account of BDSL Premier Postgame has been regularly giving some get info on weekly games and how they've gone. I'm pretty shocked no one else has copied this idea yet for any other division. And I really love testing myself vs the BDSL Gambling group as well. The fact they make it a poll to see if the house or the public wins is great. You can see if you picked a winner and underdog at the same time. Its little things like that make the league continue to be a great. Thanks to all for making this content!


5) It's Happening....Still

Somehow I still have fields not playable due to weather this past weekend. Thats my snarky grass field comment for the week!